Finally! An

Automatic Cat Feeder

for Diet AND Access Control!
automatic cat feeder
Traditional automatic cat feeders are primitive, they just periodically dump food, often continuing until it overflows - oblivious to how much your cat is eating. Once in the bowl who knows who eats it? Are you tired of fussing with measuring cups and portion sizes? Does your cat need a weight-loss diet? It’s not so easy, especially with multiple pets. So how much does each cat eat anyway? What if the dog keeps eating the cat’s food? Maybe your cat needs a special diet? Who feeds them while you’re away at work? Do your cats wake you up for food? Well finally there’s a better way!

Automatic Control of Access and Diet

  • AutoDiet™ automatic cat feeder solves ALL of your feeding problems
  • The automatic cat feeder measures and records how much cats eat
  • Automatically calculates and sets each cat’s daily allowance
  • Smart electronics meter out small healthy portions throughout day
  • Prevents greedy cats from exceeding their fair share
  • Save Time - Feed up to 8 pets, even if you’re not there!
  • Put your cat on a weight loss diet with just a few keystrokes
  • Individually recognizes and greets each cat by name
  • Smart Access Control lets you decide who can use each cat feeder
Wireless Whiskers® AutoDiet™ Feeder is a revolutionary new cat feeder that solves ALL your feeding dilemmas! Put your cat(s) on diet... Automatically!™ Sets the allowance and manages diets for up to 8 pets , saving time, money and hassle. Amazing patented technology will amaze your friends and family! Why buy a traditional automatic cat feeder, when you could own a SMART cat feeder?

Best Automatic Cat Feeder

  • Keeps cats healthy and trim without all the fuss
  • Displays individual feeding amount and guarantees fair share
  • Immediately alerts you of underfeeding by any cat (a possible
    sign of illness). Eliminates gorging and vomiting behavior
  • Separates different food types by allowing or locking out certain
    cats according to diet (kitten, adult or prescription food)
  • Keeps the Dog out of the Cat's food
  • Flexible access settings allow: doors open or doors closed
    operation to accommodate different household situations
  • Suitable for kittens or adult cats
  • Automatically shuts off feeding during the night (if desired)
  • Fully automatic or manually control (your choice)
Displays individual feeding statistics, including today's and yesterday's totals and percentage of daily allowance.
Access Control
Flashes when a cat is detected.